Certified Electricians

We will work together to make sure your project is completed on time and is done with great pride and satisfaction.

We can accomplish many projects for your residential home or commercial needs. All three of us are familiar with projects like old homes or new builds, condos and mansions, office spaces or schools, garages, and pools.




We supply and install Briggs and Stratton Home stand by generators. Which provide piece of mind when away. We can also Provide 30 & 40 amp Generlinks. which provide an easy solution for power outages.

Recessed lighting/ pot lights

Recessed lighting or pot lighting are a great way to upgrade your older looking light fixtures and providing a more modern look.

220V set ups

Looking for a welder receptacle? Or maybe your in need of a new well pump to be hard wired. Give us a call for any of your specialty electrical needs.

plugs & switches

As electricians we know all about how to wire, houses, offices, garages and many other installations. Upgrading Plugs and switches to new Decora rec is a great way to update your house and ensure safty for your childeren with tamper resistant Receptacles.

Copper tailing

Was your house built in the 1970s ? than more than likley you have aluminum wiring .Never fear we can make sure your house is safe. Give us a call for a copper tailing quote and protect your investment.

light ballast/Lighting retro fits

Have a comericial Building? We are the team for you. Changing ballast and retrofitting existing fluorescent to newer led bulbs is part of our speciatly.


Always nice to have this little feature, especially in office and classrooms, or at the home in a bedroom. We offer nice products in all the different spectrums of lighting.

garage heaters

This is not an easy task, yet we have become professional at this custom addition. A heated garage can offer many advantages to working outdoor, increasing the life of your car especially for electric vehicles.

electric vehicle charge stations

we can set up any domestic and import vehicle charging system including Tesla charging stations, indoors & outdoors.